About Richard Smith, PhD.

Dr. Richard Smith is a Berkeley-trained mathematician, an intelligent systems scientist, and a passionate champion of the individual investor. He’s also a recognized expert in technical analysis and the psychology of investing.

Dr. Smith is known to his academic peers as a “Doctor of Uncertainty,” a title he picked up while earning his Ph.D. at the prestigious Watson School of Engineering.

Though he didn’t know it at the time, Dr. Smith’s interest in how humans make decisions under conditions of extreme uncertainty was the perfect preparation for what’s become his life’s work.

After completing his studies, Dr. Smith built a thriving consultancy. He helped government agencies and Fortune 500 companies like Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson make sense of hugely complex sets of data.

Dr. Smith caught the investing bug during the heady days of the dot-com explosion in the late ‘90s. Like millions of investors, he experienced the exhilarating run up and the equally alarming drop in the markets from 2000 – 2001.

He decided he could either figure out what separates the very few top investors — who consistently make money in the markets — from everyone else or give up on investing entirely. Fortunately for the investing world, he didn’t give up.

Dr. Smith has spent the last 15 years researching and developing algorithms, educational content and services that provide a much-needed systematic approach to investing.

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TradeSmith’sTM suite of powerful investment tools and in-depth research empowers the individual investor to take control of their financial future.

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Dr. Smith’s ideas are grounded in Nobel Prize-winning intuitions from the field of behavioral finance, yet his products are surprisingly easy to use.

His software and educational products help self-directed investors use sound risk management practices and intuitive screening tools to find great investment vehicles and master the equity and crypto markets.

Dr. Smith is often requested to speak to groups, and he enjoys opportunities to share his knowledge to help others gain an edge in the market.

He believes in the power of the individual investor and welcomes you to join more than 25,000 subscribers currently benefitting from his work.

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